Such a change is natural, and there are still a lot of troops. The result is very sad, and most of them have been destroyed.


"good! You demean yourself and have nothing to say about the one that the younger generation shot! Kill the same! "
Cang Li’s temper is very explosive. He directly intervened in a big hand from the war and crossed it like a hazy world. He covered half of Chineydy and put it in his palm. Finally, Poof smashed the foreign war department there.
It is so direct and decisive that it is almost cruel!
Countless creatures are shocked. This is the cruelty of the ruins of the universe. It is never known when the immortal creatures will strike. It is a devastating blow to humanity.
Just like in those days, the future of Wei Shui Hou was promising, but everything was strangled by life and death.
"It’s been interesting for a long time. I’ve shot a handful of times when I came to this battlefield, but one incarnation was beheaded by the younger generation. This shame must be washed away."
The immortal of the Holy Scar came, wearing a purple and gold crown and a unicorn shirt, and her eyes closed to shoot two sharp mans.
The rapid amplification of those two mans turned out to be like a flood and a purple cloud boiling like a milky way, covering the humanitarian battlefield. He wants to directly melt this place!
"You dare to bully the old things!"
At the same time, the distant star came to reprimand hundreds of millions of heavy blue waves, and the light broke out to wash the eternal sky. It was a knife that swept the natural enemies, and the gesture was full of doubt.
The clans shook, and the knife light was too long and too bright, pouring in like a vast universe!
Three Yin slays the demon and seven kills Xinghai, and the blue waves fall into the sky!
Ziyun surges up, the knife is light and hazy, and the ripples on both sides are so terrible that several creatures can’t look directly at the bleeding roots. The difference in volume is too big, and becoming immortal is a qualitative change.
"It’s your champion Hou!"
The immortal of the Holy Scar immediately turned to a cold smile as soon as his eyes showed a different color. He was about to kill this, but he sent the door himself!
Of course, he is also very careful to know that if something goes wrong, there must be a demon. It is the double materialization of the universe structure behind him, and the third is the virtual being cut down in the hell, which also makes him angry and wants bloody revenge
"I’ll kill you!"
A golden fairy halberd falls from the sky, and its primitive simplicity is full of chaos and boiling. It is almost extinct with the breath of a sharp horse. Generally, the immortal spirit of the holy mark will fall.
Li Yu’s arrival, Kun Peng’s wings roar, chaotic wind and thunder tear the avenue of heaven and earth, and the divine voice vibrates all over the world. His black hair hangs freely, his eyes soar like a cold breath, and he goes straight to chaos, directly giving a title and blessing thirteen times the combat power. A blow runs through the universe!
Boom! The immortal of the Holy Scar raised his hand and a sword wheel emerged. There were hundreds of thousand swords intertwined around the central cosmic roulette and strangled out. Each heavy sword light seemed to be a change in the structure of the universe.
Bang! The two men fought against each other and stirred up the universe, and then they killed a terrible thing. The collision was fierce and the humanity could not understand it. It was like the collision of different cosmic communities causing tides to destroy everything.
In the end, it was the immortal figure of the holy mark who went backwards out of the chest and abdomen and was sacrificed to the fairy Ji. At this time, Li Yuzu, the old priest who slaughtered the fairy, left a seal to show the true power of his blood.
"Humanitarian cut fairy! Only my Terran champion Hou! "
At that time, people were excited and excited, and many people couldn’t help screaming.
The morale of the war army is greatly boosted!
"How dare you!"
The immortal of the Holy Scar stroked his chest and abdomen and surged with anger. He wanted to kill him more than he wanted to destroy the champion, and then he wanted to destroy the Terran here.
However, the reality is that Li Yu was surrounded by six stone doors on the road of reincarnation, braving the wind and waves in an instant and killed in front of him.
He swung a halberd and went straight. There was nothing flashy. The practice was brave to the extreme. It was simple and simple to attack and kill. At the moment, generate showed a misty and sacred glory, and the thunder and the sea and the sky were rebuilt. The energy of the universe was surging, and the holy mark and the fairy flew out and the blood splashed in chaos
This made him can’t believe that he was really suppressed. The other person’s volume is comparable to the double universe structure? You haven’t become an immortal yet. Why is it so horrible? It’s really a protagonist who walks out of the era in a vein of Weishui!
"The title blessing is not just that you have it. Although I have not been granted a title, I still have a position."
Soon, the immortal of the holy mark clan cut off the distractions and directly moved the title blessing, which surpassed the original 11 times and burst out with a new cosmic structure.
He growled with a fist and smashed the star, which enveloped Cang Yu and drove the edge universe to crush Li Yu.
Boom! In the violent big bang, the universe was destroyed, and chaos boiled. The two people staggered and flashed, and the nine secrets were combined. The combination of the words and the secret titles also made Li Yu’s qi machine rise again. Two evolutionary paths wound around the left and right, and each blow swept the sky across the universe.
They are so fierce that the superstars are all suspended like dust. When they gather together, they cross the sea, but when they really touch each other, they fall into a drop of water and splash up.
A terrible field, where two people are born, grand and vast, the universe rotates, chaotic collapse is just a snap of the finger, the birth and death are insignificant, and the lotus flower scattered and withered, driving the ups and downs of the humanitarian battlefield.
"How did it happen that his strength is growing? !”
Is it surprising to the immortal of the Holy Scar clan, or is it that this opponent is so powerful and outrageous that he can fight him without proof of the immortal fruit position? Now they have all moved their titles.
After another fight, he finally found that six faeries originated from the other life star universe have been melted into the middle. It can be said that the process of metaplasia of everything has greatly moved and taken a big step, which really brought this step to an end!
You know, the fifth step doesn’t have to come to an end. It’s quite long. It’s unimaginable that it will take too much time. Normally, it is to go to Taiji Metaplasia, and then you can try to impact immortality and build the structure of the universe before you practice.
But is the current personal experience comparable to that of ordinary people? Is the era of protagonist is not enough shape! Others say that killing immortals takes seven immortal creatures, and their’ complete structure’ raises the life of the star universe. This is something that no one has ever done and no one wants to get such a crazy move, so that everything can be transformed abruptly!
That is to say, the champion in the humanitarian field, Hou Xiang, has built his own cosmic structure in the life star, which is the reason why all things bring back feedback after the completion of metaplasia, and it is also the reason why all souls send this way to the fairies!
Deriving a cosmic structure naturally touches Xiandaomen, but there is no coincidence between life and stars.
"Did you finally find out? I just squeezed the potential of the universe by your hand, saving me the time to wait slowly, and giving back will let you experience it personally."
Li Yu grimaced and jumped to kill the star, reflecting a different trace in the cosmic structure, which originated from the’ complete structure’ of the seven immortals, and he learned from it and cast his own rough prototype.
It is precisely because of these ready-made forces that we can climb and make such rapid progress, but we need to change them in the future, take the essence and discard it, which is most suitable for us, otherwise it will be different after all.
At the same time, he covered the five secret realms of heaven and body, and the five ancient realms were derived from the method of single cultivation of secret realms, and the universe structure was also derived from the roar!
The common intersection of the two bodies is not only as simple as the big dragon entering the life star, but also too many sublimation places, which are now hidden by the enemy gods.
Li Yu seems that it is really possible for him to become the most humane creature in the era, and it is too fate to take advantage of the shuttle between the two worlds.