Even when he stepped into the field of "cold winter", he was still shivering with cold. He wore a piece of cloth beside him like an ancient Shi Shiran and took the spaceship to arrange his sleeves leisurely.


Xiao Yan went to his side to gather together to "warm me up."
Zhong Li squinted at "Is it cold?"
Xiao Yan "…"
How cold do you think spitting can turn into ice immediately?
The winter field is the polluted land he inherited, where the mineral is rich and the ice layer is a large fertile black soil. The only deficiency of fatal pollution is that the polluting dust affects the direct sunlight on the surface, resulting in dark and cold here all year round.
This is Xiao Yan’s first "inspection" of his territory. The situation is worse than he thought. If it is a little colder here, the gas will liquefy, and people can’t live here.
"I want to change this place into a business district. Now it seems that I have a headache." Xiao Yan shrank again.
Zhong Li so-called broke an ice branch and held it in his hand to see that "the ice can melt in one breath"
Certainly can’t do this, which will make people doubt Xiao Yan’s ability to open the panel and lock 【 Bingjia 】.
[Bingjia] The skill is to cover one field with a spherical protective cover. At present, it can be used in outlying islands, but it can be used in other fields after being upgraded to full level.
To upgrade [Bing Jia] skill, Xiao Yan collected 15 laurel branches before collecting laurel branches, and now he still needs 4 to reach the full level.
The mall will also refresh the laurel twig. Xiao Yan bought 13 branches intermittently, and now there are still 7 laurel twigs to upgrade the skill of grasping armor to the full level.
It’s not difficult to unify. His tone rings one after another.
[Distribution of Cinnamomum cassia twig detected]
[There is cassia twig 15 in the rift valley on the south side of the cold winter field]
[There is laurel twig 1 in the ice ocean on the north side of the cold winter field]
Good guys are waiting here.
Xiao Yan immediately arranged for the staff to find it, but there was a thorny issue.
There are two reasons why Lingshan hasn’t recruited new employees for a long time. First, technology is developed, and most jobs can be automated by machines. Second, Xiao Yan has a super labor force, UR-level employee Queen Haiwei.
Hewei has several bees and slaves. They can do some simple work in human form.
Searching for Guigui Haiwei is the most suitable choice, but there will be a big labor gap when she leaves Lingshan.
Moreover, small slaves can’t be too far away from Haiwei, and it won’t help to develop small slaves in the cold winter field in the future.
Xiao Yan turned out 15 pieces at the bottom of the closet [Lingshan Recruitment]. Before he started, he reached out to Chongli. "Phoenix will bring good luck, right? Do you have any amulets to lend me? "
Heavy Li see Xiao Yan hand and look at his face cold hum 1.
"Hum what? Good Phoenix is obedient, or shake hands with me."
Awkward for a while, Li conjured up a feather in his palm and stuffed it into Xiao Yan’s hand.
Xiao Yan received feather one leng, and he remembered that Frost Li emphasized that bird feathers are a token of love and should not be given to people at will. Xiao Yan was surprised and asked directly.
"Are your phoenix feathers optional?"
Heavy Li didn’t good the spirit way "tail feather is an amulet, don’t give it back to me!" "
Xiao Yan quickly held "Thank you"
The heat of phoenix tail feather slowly seeps into the limbs through the palm of your hand. Xiao Yan closes his eyes and meditates for a period of "Ling Ling Ling Ling" and begins to draw cards.
Perhaps the phoenix tail feather can really bring good luck. Violet light and golden light keep flashing, and SR employees pop out one after another. They are always good at cooking, storage, farming and grazing.
The sunset is orange, and Xiao Yan can’t stop being excited. This is an UR employee!
The whole body is frozen thousands of miles, but in the orange light, the willows and pears are green and cheerful, and the spring is ringing from time to time.
A woman dressed in mysterious clothes came from the depths of spring and bowed lightly to Xiao Yan, "I have seen the head in the mysterious bird."
Heavy Li throw to have a hum.
Xuanniao heard his voice and turned away inch by inch to see that Chongli was like seeing the Yan. She hurriedly worshipped twice again. "My daughter damn it, she neglected the Phoenix Emperor and begged the Phoenix Emperor for pardon."
"What do you worship for him? I am your boss." Xiao Yan pulled and pulled to help Xuanniao up. She was like a plaster cast, and I stood still with Xiao Yan’s efforts.
Say "get up" in a general way.
Xuanniao gets up at once
Xiao Yan’s expression is dull. Who is your employer?
The reverence of birds for phoenix is engraved in DNA, which makes Xiao Yan a little unhappy. After all, he is the mysterious bird department.
But Xuanniao’s skills are very solid.
[Spring comes] The melting of snow and ice and the rushing of rivers can bring early spring climate to dispel the winter chill.