Lao Wang took a leisurely bite and said that the words really surprised Lu Chen’s fangs.


"This is the origin level … tea! ?”
Liu Chen was startled and looked at the remaining half cup of tea, which was a little reluctant to drink.
He can feel the benefits of this tea at the moment, help people understand the taboo field, which is much better than those taboos in his hometown to make spiritual beads. The taboo is a retrospective self-exploration to help people find their own taboo road props
It’s like drinking enlightenment tea when I was young, but enlightenment tea is gone for me now, and now this original tea can take effect again.
"Drink it, old man. It’s just for people to drink. I haven’t tasted it for a long time."
Lao Wang took a leisurely sip and enjoyed it very much. It seems that he doesn’t look like an illusion flashed across his mind.
"Thanks to Lu, let’s talk about what to do first."
Lu Chen asked with a smile that he knew that the benefits of this tea might reduce the resistance when he broke the taboo in the future, but it must be something for Lao Wang to take out such precious things to entertain himself.
"There’s nothing for you to do. Just be an old man and I’ll join the stock market. If you report to the top 100 in the future."
Lao Wang lit a cigarette and thought about it, but he didn’t smoke it, because he felt that it would ruin his tea taste. It was really rare.
"It’s that simple?"
Lu Chen leng Lao Wang’s request sounds bluffing, but actually he promised it, which is a check. I don’t know when it will be cashed, and I don’t know if I will die in the process of growing up
This is very obvious that Lao Wang is cultivating himself. He has always given himself more preferential treatment than ordinary people, and he still takes out good things for himself from time to time.
"Then why do you want to sign a indenture to be happy?"
Lao Wang raised his eyelids. "If you don’t drink it, you will grind it."
Lu Chen hurriedly said, then he drank all the taboos in one mouthful, and his mind haunted him. He felt that he could realize it for a long time after he went back.
Lao Wang nodded as if satisfied. After drinking his cup of tea, he lit a cigarette and smoked a mouthful. "Let’s talk about it. What can I do for you to come to the old man?"
Lu Chen looked at Lao Wang’s pajamas. "I want to find some equipment customized by my predecessors."
Lao Wang noticed Lu Chen’s eyes. "There’s nothing to be confused about. Most of what you saw before was not me. I enjoyed my sleep very much."
Lu Chen was a little surprised. I didn’t expect Lao Wang to be able to make magical powers. Do you sometimes see Lao Wang in two places?
"Can seniors make strength?"
Liu Chen asked with curiosity.
"You can’t?"
Lao Wang raised eyebrows and looked at Liu Chen’s tone inexplicably.
"I … can move a little."
Liu Chen honestly said that he really felt that his own level of repression against himself was getting lower or that he was too strong. If the force broke out, even if he could exert some strength, he could attack other explorers.
"That’s all right. It’s nothing strange. This place is not owned by the enemy who can’t restrain a certain level of explorers. At this time, people can only be self-disciplined."
Lao Wang sighed with emotion, "It’s meaningful for you not to learn from those bad things and be a virtual pioneer, but not to do anything illegal to cultivate you."
Listen to Lao Wang from this Liu Chen heart puzzled asked "meaning? What exactly do virtual pioneers have to do? Please ask your predecessors for advice. "
This is what he has been curious about. In fact, many ninth-order explorers already know the meaning or mission, but it happened that he didn’t know the origin and didn’t give him a new contract or a warning.
He didn’t ask the world of mortals and other explorers about it, and he had to ask them carefully when Lao Wang got up today.
"It seems that the origin didn’t tell you, mostly because I hope that you will be the fastest in this state beside your heart."
Lao Wang knocked his cigarette ash and said, "But you are now in the late ninth order. Sooner or later, you have to go to the high world and the Yang world to settle things. There are some things that you can’t hide. Sooner or later, you will know that it’s okay for the old man to talk to you."
"Please ask the seniors for advice"
Lu Chen asked
"The real meaning is very simple. Everything runs in accordance with the basic logic. This place is to constantly cultivate the strong. A force to cultivate the strong will not just teach and play, but it needs force to achieve its goal."
Lao Wang explained that "the mortal kingdom has trained troops to resist foreign enemies, and it has the same effect to train explorers. In some places, it should be the other way around."
When Lu Chen heard this, he was confused. What does it mean to expand the territory of Xinjiang?
"How don’t understand? The so-called opposite refers to the world of the heavens and the sea, and the world is always a place. At the beginning, the number of main worlds was incalculable, and the birth was to absorb these world forces, expand themselves, obtain more resources and train stronger soldiers. "
Lao Wang, puzzled by Lu Chen, explained, "This is because this big world belongs to all spirits and astronomy, and it is a wonderful place where life and death go back and forth in constant reincarnation."
"Said the outside world sea is constantly receiving goals? It is the cornerstone to absorb the world through exploration, that is, to plunder the world source to a certain standard? "
Liu Chen thoughtful way
"It’s almost the same for a Confucian to teach, but I really don’t expect the low-order explorer to do anything. Those scattered low-order small worlds have nothing to do with it. It’s just to experience the explorer’s life and death pressure to promote growth."
Lao Wang nodded and said, "The so-called cornerstone energy world that really means those worlds is less than the seventh-order world, so that the world can effectively source the powerful energy and train a large number of outstanding explorers."
He slowly smoked a cigarette and continued, "It is a loss to send low-level explorers to those small and weak worlds to do business. If it will be better than the company, then the employees of the company can’t make a profit in the early stage. There are more seventh-order worlds than 10,000 first-order worlds, and sending explorers consumes all kinds of energy, sometimes depending on the distance, it will be higher than the value of the first-order world."
When I heard this, Lu Chen realized that many low-level explorers were screened harshly, because if you feel that cultivating explorers is too waste and consumes resources, you must of course rule it out early.
The origin of this point is still the same today. It is said that the mortality rate of low-ranking explorers has increased a lot.
For me, the explorer who is not good enough is just consuming food, and naturally will not stay if he does not create value.
Therefore, explorers are often ordered to die in the low-level world battle, but even if they lose in the high-level world battle, they will not be denied because explorers are more valuable than the world.
So I want to come to Lu Chen and feel that I fought for the world for the first time. Even if I won, I wouldn’t make any money. I’m afraid the energy I spent sending so many explorers in the past is worth a third-order world.
It turns out that for the low-level world, the root is not the world, but the explorer’s killing and screening, which are of great significance to each other and also have the function of helping each other to screen.
Of course, Lu Chen also guessed that if there would be a one-sided massacre in the face of an obviously unsuccessful war, he would choose to let his explorer surrender or give up the war before launching.
Chapter one thousand seven hundred and ninety-nine Ecology
Lu Chen has encountered such a situation more than once. He often took his own name to fight for the world, and the other side surrendered without fighting, and as a result, he got paid without doing anything.
The principle of operating basis is to screen explorers. From the perspective of the rarity of extradition contract and the particularity of the explorer in the form of pulling, the basic resources spent on pulling an explorer and helping to make it unique are probably astronomical.
At least for low-level explorers, that’s the amount of resources you can’t even think about.
In principle, every explorer is unique, and a lot of resources have been invested, which is the first-order explorer. Explorers may not imagine that they are so valuable.