After the violent shock wave, Lu Chen coughed up blood, and his body collapsed in vain. If it were not for the immortal law and many characteristics such as divine blood, the root method would be restored again.


He was attacked by the Raikkonen, but he was not killed. The remnants of the ancient secret blood warrior saved his life.
The deep blood emperor is equivalent to extreme weakness, and he was attacked and killed again by three strong men. Almost the whole smashed body just bonded together and there was a landslide. The whole person looked like a crooked building block.
The three besieged him, and the strong man was not well received by the deep blood emperor. It was almost a desperate blow to repel the old Kirin, split the goddess, and finally blasted the head of the family with one punch.
The creatures in the wild mainland were shocked. No one thought that the first day of the war of ten thousand families would be so tragic.
According to this scene, if the real dragon is long, wouldn’t it be able to accept it at this time?
It’s true that there is still no movement in the dragon land. Aochen didn’t mean to be the old six, or Aochen was searching for it in a dignified and empty way at this time. He was also very afraid of the purple monster that just passed away.
In the center of the battlefield, the deep blood emperor seems to have lost all his strength and quickly headed for epic fall, where he can no longer resist the seal traction.
The heads of the big clan looked at this scene and felt sorry, because they were also trying to pursue it at this time. I am afraid that the Deep Blood Emperor will disappear with the Lingzhu.
Just then, a purple figure suddenly appeared in the abyss, and the deep blood emperor fell to the ground.
"The Great Emperor!"
Deep blood creatures saw this scene and woke up in alarm, but it seemed too late.
The purple monster walked quickly with a ferocious smile, and then with a claw hand penetrated the chest of the deep blood emperor. "After all, I waited for the most delicious source."
Everyone turned pale when they saw this scene, but Lu Chen had a heart to stop him, but he just condensed his body and could not move.
If this purple monster absorbs the source of deep blood, wouldn’t it be a new terrorist enemy? And now all the strong families have been beaten!
But for a moment, I saw that the deep blood emperor didn’t panic. His body tilted slightly and turned to look at the purple creature. "Yes, I finally let the emperor wait for the biggest threat to slay."
There is a little surprise in the eyes of the original ferocious smile convergence. "How did you do that! ?”
He found that he had absorbed the other side’s source, and he had penetrated the other side’s theoretical life core. That was his talent, the ability to lock the avatar. If he touched that special point, he could instantly suck the other side dry.
The old Lord was much stronger than him in those days, but his sneak attack still killed him with one blow. It is right for him to find such an opportunity to touch the’ life nuclear’ opponent.
"The emperor has seen it a thousand times. How can he go to heaven to fight the law?"
Deep blood emperor disdains to laugh. Although he is covered in scars, he still wears the demeanor of the emperor and the enemy. "Die, young people!"
Said he shipped the last source force blood can instantly burst into a statue of indomitable spirit blood shadow town to kill.
Unprecedented shock waves swept across the world, causing Lu Chen and others to be blown into the distance.
"He is so calm!"
Lu Chen was also surprised because he realized that the deep blood emperor had retained some strength to prevent the sneak attack, so he was not afraid of being hacked to death in one breath.
"Ah-Heng Yong!"
Heaven and earth screamed, "You don’t die a natural death either!"
When the impact dispersed, the purple figure of the abyss disappeared, and the deep blood emperor also turned into a pool of flesh and blood and fell into the abyss.
The secret box of chaos of yin and yang is about to close, and a voice from the abyss says, "The emperor will eventually return to the taboo of boarding!"
Chapter one thousand seven hundred and forty-seven Taboos are surprised