The crowd in the square is still watching the virtual shadow behind Mosul Dak. Not everyone has never seen the world. Obviously, some people are skeptical. Looking at Surdak, they think this virtual shadow is more like Surdak’s’ potential’.


Those squires also saw that it was Surdak’s "potential" and that chubby Joe had already told the truth before they had a chance to talk.
Little fat Joe said with some trepidation, "I thought about sending her water, but the people I sent were stopped by the guards."
He wanted to show Surdak that he still wanted to do something. He looked up with some fear and watched the double-faced four-armed fiend slowly disappear behind Surdak.
Several retinue carefully protected Arlot and Joe for fear that the baron would severely beat his two young masters in anger. Seeing his expression is to endure anger in his heart.
Arlot Goss glared at his brother and wished he could kick his ass.
He doesn’t care about the vase, and he doesn’t care about it. It’s really like he is somewhat reluctant to make a public embarrassment because of the opinions of the town residents.
He likes to see the humble awe in the eyes of the aborigines, to look at everyone with high eyes, and to watch those people take orders from themselves.
He regret that he didn’t go to that knight’s college to study hard for several years. if he had continue to insist, he might have become a knight with a sword and shield when he left the college.
Brother Joe was livid when he revealed the truth in front of Baron Surdak without being scared.
Looking at sitting and crying, I was passive in front of Surdak, Nuo Nuo’s younger brother. His face was so cloudy that he was about to drop water.
The aborigines around them felt more excited when they heard things. They felt more angry about the guards locking people in the black reef without investigating. They gasped a little and tried to surround Arlot and Joe, four guards and two retinues.
The guards and his entourage tried to control the situation, holding spears in their hands and pushing outward, refusing the crowd and trying to get through a road to take Arlot and Joe out.
Surdak gave Arlot and Joe a look and ignored the fact that the two noble brothers were besieged by aborigines, so he treated the girl in Selena’s arms in the crowd
Selena, a girl, was in a coma. He squatted in front of the girl and stretched out his hands on his chest to condense a holy light, which was like an incandescent flame, making the surrounding people almost afraid to look straight at the crowd and let out a low shout.
With the slow injection of the holy light, Suldak and Selena, the girl in her arms, can truly feel how different the girl’s body is. She is like a piece of pure crystal spar, and the holy light pours into her body, just like entering a vessel and never overflowing from her body. She is born with the affinity of light.
Holy light is like a stream of heat that meets her body. All the burns and sunburns heal at an unimaginable speed.
And the girl’s body is also thin out some impurities and becomes more and more pure. At the chest, a hot light mass comes out, which makes Gensoul Ducker feel a strange warmth.
Hiding behind Selena, Signa secretly looked at the girl. Her eyes became extremely sharp for a moment, and then her eyes returned to normal.
Perhaps I saw the natives of Shengguang Square in Surdak’s hands worship Surdak.
Selena was a little depressed. This group of people didn’t even ask Surdak if he was a follower of the Statue of Liberty, so they thought he was from the temple. It was like the temple sent the world to walk to save the suffering people here.
This appeal alone is the comparison of the dark goddess’ temporary method
Arlot and Joe failed to rush out of the crowd after all, and several guards were pushed exhausted by the crowd back to back, just like the sea was submerged by the waves.
Arlot and Joe, however, because of their higher status, the aborigines didn’t dare to attack them, but they were trapped in the same place. At this time, worshipping Surdak was even more ignored
Arlot Goss saw Surdak’s holy light in his hand and looked at him in shock.
Whether the glow theory in Surdak’s hands is magic or magical means his noble status. Although he is a baron, he is not arrogant enough to be an enemy of the gods.
Arlot Goss looked at Surdak in rain or shine and didn’t want to say another word.
Probably saw the chaos here, the distant garrison camp, and there were already two infantry teams coming here.
Surdak straightened up, turned around and said to chubby Joe seriously
"Because of your personal fault, she has suffered such hardships and such unfair treatment. According to the laws of the Green Empire, you need to be punished or compensated. I think you must not want to be whipped. Then compensate her with some money."
Surdak felt that giving Xiao Pang two whips would not solve any problems, but would accumulate more resentment in his heart.
I will eventually leave this small town, Goss family town, and I have absolute words. After that, I will go to the mother and daughter for trouble, and no one can stop me.
He wondered whether he should be a notary to the small town consul to solve the matter directly.
At this moment, the aboriginal woman who just hugged Arlot Goss and begged but was dragged away by her retinue forcibly squeezed in again. Her face was black and blue, but it didn’t seem to hurt much. She held the girl Nika in her arms and said with a low cry.
"We don’t want Master Arlot to compensate, but we want to ask Master Arlot to let Nika go!"
Her voice trembled a little, and she was even more sad. She was so humble, pitiful and lowly, and her status did not diminish her maternal love.
She turned her head and looked at Surdak as if she were looking at the last straw. She dared not go too far for fear that Surdak would leave her alone.
I’m afraid she didn’t even think about what White Surdak would come out at this moment.
In her heart, it is customary to think so.
He is not an imperial? Aren’t they together? How can he stand up for himself?’
She looked at her dark skin, brown and dry, and looked at her arms. Nika was skinny, and even if she cut off her limbs, she didn’t weigh much …
She felt that how could a nobleman like Surdak lack slaves?
Surdak is also more happy that they give up those so-called less compensation, which will make their mother and daughter go to some trouble
"If you don’t need compensation, you can go home, Master Arlot Goss. What do you think?" Asked Arlot Goss and Georgos, two noble brothers in the crowd.
Although the two teams of garrison infantry have arrived at the square to drive away these aborigines with sticks, Arlot knows that these infantry dare not start work on Surdak. He ruthlessly glared at Xiao Pang Joe and said to the squire beside him.
Let’s go!’
Then he took advantage of the chaos to take people away from the town square.
The four guards who were in charge of taking care of the girl Nika grabbed the captain of the garrison infantry and pointed to these aborigines as if they had met their relatives.
These garrison infantry simply don’t want to listen to the guards’ complaints. They are habitually waving their clubs and rushing into the crowd to drive them together. These aborigines dare not resist. They are some people who are squeezed at the bottom of society and are forced to flee around after being beaten a few times. They quickly left the town square and hardly even have the courage to argue.
After all, the owners of this small town are still the imperialists who are squeezing the aborigines and accumulating wealth rapidly.
On the other hand, Shi Suldak is also a middle school student.
He came to the Bailin area and even went to expand those unoccupied areas to obtain some territory of his own.
Those garrisoned infantry drove away the crowd. The square in Surdak was like gas. Someone ran around Surdak, whining, yelling, scolding and laughing from time to time … Everything in front of Surdak was like a stage play where he was not a performer.
"Hey, you have offended the Goss family. Don’t you still want to visit Baron Goss and buy some ancient horses from him? What should I do now? "