"Buy me some money for you." Say JiZhen put the bag of eggs in his hand in Ye Liangkai’s hand. When Ye Liangkai was unprepared, he reached out and took out his mobile phone finger in his pocket. The mobile phone rang in his trouser pocket. JiZhen returned the mobile phone to Ye Liangkai with a smile and said to him, "I’ll have someone pick you up later."


JiZhen said this sentence, turned around and took out a piece of red sun from the wallet and handed it to the aunt selling eggs, saying, "This is the change for the eggs."
Leaves cool open in situ watching JiZhen slowly go far staring at him Gao Ting figure and a group of people gathered respectively, a few cars left before moving bitterly, all planning is not worth this unexpected encounter.
"Husband, how did you buy two bags of eggs?" Liu Shiying looked at Ye Liang’s hand and carried two bags of eggs. She couldn’t help but be surprised. The list was listed and she wanted ten fruits and leaves. She bought more than 20, but she hasn’t bought the refrigerator yet.
"Aunt selling eggs sent me and I accepted it." Ye Liangkai stretched out his hand and pinched his eyebrows and walked to the room and said, "I’m going to sleep in the room. You cook good food and call me."
"Well," Liu Shiying sensitively found that something was wrong after Ye Liangkai’s trip out, and she couldn’t get along, which made her feel vaguely worried.
"Aspidistra, is he all right?" Liu Shiying shook his head and smiled and put the watermelon on the table into his hand and said, "Eat more."
The mirror is a little difficult. He has eaten five watermelons, and his stomach is full of water, but it is hard to refuse. Liu Shiying reluctantly holds it in his hand.
Ye Liangkai looked at the information sent by Jizhen with a weak and weary through illness, which said, "I’ll send someone to pick you up at seven o’clock in the evening. Where is your home?"
Ye Liangkai threw his mobile phone aside and looked at the glistening ceiling. Because of the short time, he didn’t buy beautiful lamps. He just moved here and was found hiding place. He felt very sad.
Sure enough, escape can’t solve the problem. It’s a game of hide-and-seek for them, but it’s a promise to themselves. Ye Liangkai has been wondering why they should struggle with themselves. Do you really want to give up all the men who are behind one of them? What’s this funny drama? What’s the funny life that wants to drag him into this quagmire? I just want to succeed in my career and have a happy family. Now neither of them is peaceful.
"What’s wrong with my husband?" Liu Shiying looked at lying in bed in a low mood, and the fallen leaves were cool, and she approached and kissed him.
"It’s okay" leaves cool open to suppress the pain in my heart and raise an easy smile. Looking at Liu Shiying’s beautiful face, I can’t help but kiss back.
There was a polite knock at the door. Liu Shiying pushed Ye Liang away shyly and said, "There are guests here."
"Haha, let’s go out." Ye Liangkai laughed cheerfully, got out of bed and planned to go out for dinner. Liu Shiying suddenly pulled his sleeve close to his ear and said softly, "I have you in my stomach again."
Ye Liangkai’s eyes immediately became ecstatic, and he said "great" when he picked up Liu Shiying and turned around twice.
When there is something worth guarding behind, all the obstacles are supported by the heart, so there is nothing to be afraid of at 7 pm.
Chapter one hundred and seventy-three About seven o’ clock
At night, as promised, at seven o’clock, the leaves were cool and open. As promised, I took the vehicle driving a three-star hotel and followed the guidance of Jizhen to step into the room.
Ye Liangkai didn’t expect this hotel to look so bad on the outside, but there was a hole in it that looked magnificent.
Hearing the door open and wearing a white bathrobe, Qi Zhen slowly turned around from the window. He was holding a cigarette with white smoke at his fingertips. He looked back and saw that he was staring at him. The leaves were cool and the corners of his mouth were covered with a warm smile of sunshine.
Leaves cool open feeling JiZhen changed everywhere is the corners of the mouth that smile can also let him together before the young boy JiZhen handed his cigarette leaves cool open took a deep breath to calm those messy thoughts.
JiZhen before holding leaves cool open some thin waist and buried his head deeply in his neck fossa. The person who was familiar with the taste before was not the original one.
"Do you want to talk about love or love when you come to me?" Ye Liangkai asked this sentence very calmly. Qi Zhen’s figure was slightly stiff and there was a sarcastic smile behind him. "You said everything, and of course I did the same."
Leaves cool, gently push JiZhen away, sit in a soft big bed, raise your eyes, and after a long time, JiZhen said, "Since you are in love, I will tell you about my thirty feelings and love."
"I married a wife, gave birth to a daughter, and had a lot of emotional entanglements with men. This is my 29-year-old life now." Ye Liangkai looked up at Jizhen and sneered.
Qi Zhen sat beside Ye Liangkai and took a drag on the cigarette. He said, "My life before the age of 29 was to think about you in my own leisure time. It’s not that I didn’t want to find someone else, but I found that I really can’t forget you. I think the company is on the right track. It’s time to talk about feelings and get married. You said it was destiny takes a hand." Qi Zhen’s dark brown eyes looked down and Ye Liangkai asked.
Ye Liangkai shook his head and raised his head to look straight at the mature and resolute Qi Zhen’s frank heart. "Qi Zhen, I really want to live a quiet life. Would you please find someone else?"
The two men looked at each other for a long time, and Qi Zhen gathered his eyelashes and truthfully said, "I love others except you."
Things seem to be in a deadlock again. Leaves are cool and open, like an incident. Just unbutton your pants and squint at Jizhen and say, "Come on, you can find me. Isn’t that it?"
JiZhen hold leaf cool open hand resolute eyes with a hint of bitterness tone full of pain, "you know that’s not what I asked"
Leaves cool open pulled him to his meat has always been gentle some malicious eyebrow way "I don’t want you to force me"
"Don’t do this to me. I forced you." Jizhen looked at some extreme thoughts, and some shivers in the cool leaves. He asked this determined man to face the soft spot in his heart and always be in flight.
"You don’t come near me, you don’t participate in my life. Don’t tell people what I am here after you go back this time. This is why you don’t force me." Ye Liang opened his eyes and said seriously that the words had just landed and were suddenly pushed down on the bed by Jizhen.
JiZhen immediately changed from that poor idiot to a hard and biting face and said coldly, "You and I quit with these words. I said that if you have to live in this life, don’t move and run away from me. You are really naive."
Qi Zhen’s sudden change of face indicates that Ye Liangkai is getting more and more puzzled by this man. I can’t help thinking that the sunny and handsome face in front of him is real or that the gloomy and biting person in front of him is right. He forgot that the two-seater loves to change his face.
Ye Liangkai Lazizhen neck raised his face and kissed him. His lines were firm, his lips were Qi Zhen, and his cold hard face immediately softened and returned to the original gentle sunshine. Ye Liangkai asked, "How did you come here this time?"
"I’m here to invest and plan to start a company here. Even if I don’t come here, you will be found out by me sooner or later." Qi Zhen said confidently from Ye Liang’s slightly raised eyes before opening the chest. Ye Liang was so cool when he heard this sentence that he was naive. Where would they give up easily?
Ye Liangkai’s coming here this time is to push it away at half past one, but also to have a shot. Qi Zhen jumped out of bed in a hurry to pick up lichens and pants. Where will he leave his long arm and embrace Ye Liangkai and fall back to bed?
Ye Liangkai looked at the body and held out his hand against his chest and quickly said, "God, I really can’t ask you out today."
"I’m not satisfied at all" JiZhen dark brown eyes looking at leaves cool open injustice way.
"God, you can talk about what you want today." Ye Liangkai’s tone is very tough. Qi Zhen didn’t mean to move his body. Dark brown qingyu rolled and stared at him for a second, which could turn into a tiger at any time and eat delicious fresh meat.
"Ten minutes" leaves cool to take a step back and said.
"An hour" JiZhen staring at the leaves cool open demanded.
"Don’t haggle for fifteen minutes if you don’t want to pull it down." Ye Liangkai’s dark eyes don’t refuse, and Jizhen said happily with a hook at the corner of his mouth.
Finally, it was dragged by Jizhen to nine o’clock. When Ye Liang opened the door and left, he turned around and took a look at the man lying in bed. There was a vague invitation in his speech, "I will ask you out someday."
JiZhen looked at the deceptive goblin and couldn’t wait to catch him and press him hard at once, but Ye Liangkai flashed like a rabbit. To deal with Ye Liangkai, this man was soft and hard, but he was too soft-hearted to miss so many years. This time, you can’t escape. JiZhen stared at Ye Liangkai and left the door, saying in his heart.
As soon as Ye Liangkai got out of the hotel, he heard someone tell him to look at it in an instant, and the mirror came running from ten meters away and said with heart, "How did you get out of here? It’s full of officials."
Ye Liangkai heard this, and some doubts in his heart were solved. He raised his smile and said, "I was looking for you."
"Looking for me, then how did you get out of here?" When I looked at my eyes in the mirror, I was even more confused at the moment, especially when the tender leaves were cool and happy.
"For me, this is it. I’m looking for you to walk to your house." When Ye Liang opened the door, he held the mirror wrist skillfully. When he walked to the house twice, the mirror eyes slowly moved from grasping the wrist hand to Ye Liang’s face. His gentle face looked a little serious and affectionate in the dim street lamp.
Ye Liangkai noticed that his eyes raised and smiled and said, "Do you know any hotels or restaurants near here?"
Shi Jing shook his head at his intentions and said, "This family is specially for this official residence."
Ye Liangkai frowned in distress when he heard this bad answer and asked, "Is there anyone renting a house around here?"
"Aspidistra, what are you doing?" When the mirror really couldn’t resist the curiosity in the heart, it asked directly.
Ye Liangkai stared at the mirror, and a little conspiracy flashed in his eyes, which reminded the corners of his mouth and said, "This thing is indispensable to you."
When the mirror was keenly aware that Ye Liangkai was up to no good, he broke his hand and asked nervously, "What do you want?"
When Ye Liangkai approached, the mirror reached out and put his hand on his shoulder and said with a smile, "Didn’t you say you would help me? Now is the time for you to behave yourself." When the mirror looked at Ye Liangkai, her eyes were shining, and she swallowed saliva nervously and said with some fear, "If you don’t do it, you will worry about your life."
"Am I that much like a procuress?" Asked Ye Liang, whose face became more and more bitter. The mirror narrowed its neck and said "like" in horror.
"Since I’m like a procuress, I’ll just be him once." Ye Liangkai dragged the mirror hand directly to his house and asked, "You didn’t open the suitcase I asked you to take home today?"
"No" when the mirror said guiltily, in fact, he opened it, and it was full of girls’ make-up things and some clothes and shoes. I really can’t figure out what Aspidistra wants to do.
When Ye Liangkai looked at the mirror with some guilty faces, he secretly felt that when insidious smile said "No is good", the mirror felt that Ye Liangkai was brewing a great conspiracy, and he felt that he was jumping into a pit of fire with a strong sixth sense.
Ye Liangkai picked up the eyebrow shaver and held it down when he wanted to escape. The mirror questioned and said, "You said you didn’t want to escape when you promised me to be busy, did you?"
"It’s hard to forget what a man has said." When the mirror eyes were firmly fixed on the horrible eyebrow shaver, she swallowed her saliva in horror for fear of greeting her face. Sadly, Aspidistra actually greeted his face for a second.