Chapter 19 Who fights


Although Dolo was bent on throwing away what had just happened, his mind was still turning to the figures of Beth Li and Ken.
You’ll never be the devil Dolo, because you’re too kind. The teacher’s words kept echoing in his mind until there was a scream behind him. Brother Dolo was careful to smell something behind his back. Dolo quickly turned around and saw that Jin Roh: The Wolf Brigade had jumped up on him and stabbed his neck with his claws.
But experience tells Dolo that the situation can’t be avoided now. He thinks that the magic sword is suddenly lifted in front of the neck, but people react faster than him. Mafini just shouted and immediately picked up a hoe beside him and rushed toward the Jin Roh: The Wolf Brigade.
As soon as I heard it, there was a sudden boom. Maffeni’s tall body knocked into my village when he tried to attack Dolo Jin Roh: The Wolf Brigade. How can we watch others protect our village? Let’s come together, bro. Haha, it was blocked behind Dolo. Maffeni laughed and died in his village. It was also worth it.
After hearing Mafenyi’s words, Dolo smiled and thought so much. Why now the most important thing is to protect them and hope for www? I promised Beth that I dreamed of living, and that’s worth it, man. Aren’t you going to the Belka Mountains?
Although both of them have been surrounded by the group of Jin Roh: The Wolf Brigade, they don’t feel any fear in their hearts. They are both facing more than a dozen Jin Roh: The Wolf Brigade back to back at the same time. Logan can’t do anything in a place like this.
Passing 18-wheeler, Jin Roh: The Wolf Brigade has jumped towards Dolo. Dolo frowned, and the magic sword in his hand drew a perfect arc in an instant. Jin Roh: The Wolf Brigade fell to the ground, but on the other side, Mafini didn’t look so relaxed. Because of his figure, he couldn’t keep up with Jin Roh: The Wolf Brigade’s kinetic energy and relied on constantly waving his hoe to protect himself.
But this big move, Maffeni’s physical strength is extremely fast, and those Jin Roh: The Wolf Brigade also seem to realize that his strength is too far from Dolo’s. The horses have shifted their targets to him, and Dolo seems to be unable to fight while protecting Maffeni.
I heard that there was a sudden crash, and the hoe in Maffeni’s hand was flying in the blink of an eye. Dolo wanted to pull out to help, but he was entangled by four wolves at the same time. Seeing that Maffeni’s horse was going to be killed, he was rescued before the law.
At this critical moment, a group of people suddenly poured around the square. They all shouted that we should protect our village, too. It was the villagers who had come to hide. They didn’t know what was going on at this time. They all held all kinds of farm tools in their hands. Like Mafini, they all used farm tools and weapons.
Most of the villagers who rushed in were adult males, and the one who ran in the front was Ivey, who saw him quickly rush to the attack Mafenni. Jin Roh: The Wolf Brigade hit it on the head with a shovel behind him. Then Jin Roh: The Wolf Brigade fell to the ground, and Ivey wiped her face and got blood on her face and said with a smile, I also want to protect our village Mafenni. Thank you. If it weren’t for your words, we might still be hiding behind you and watching you fight.
When he saw the villagers who rushed, Mafini felt his eyes moist. He bent down to pick up the hoe again and shouted, Let’s fight together in the village.
The villagers at the scene all acted at the same time to show that the situation has changed for him because many villagers have joined in. Jin Roh: The Wolf Brigade has been killed by Dolo, and Jin Roh: The Wolf Brigade has been solved by everyone in less than ten minutes after the villagers have joined in.
Yeah, after the victory, the people in the square cried together. At this time, some old, weak, women and children slowly walked around. It seems that Jin Roh: The Wolf Brigade’s attack on the villagers has always chosen to avoid tolerance. The first victory will have such a big response.
When he saw Dolo, he couldn’t help but smile. This is the first time he felt this happiness after a life-and-death battle. Was it because he was infected by these people or did I help these people? He was still thinking about it, but suddenly there was a sound in his ear. Mafiny Yindolo’s brother Beth Liken came over.
Hearing this, Doloma turned his head and saw Beth Leigh walking slowly towards the square. At this time, other people in the village also noticed the two of them, and some people had recovered from the excitement. When they saw Beth Leigh and Ken, they began to talk about it.
Look, isn’t that Ken? Isn’t he put in the cabin? Why?
Yes, Ken was injured by Jin Roh: The Wolf Brigade. How can he let it go again? Isn’t it dangerous?
Do you think he’s still so close to Beth?
By the way, how could the hut be hit if it wasn’t magic? The last speech was Ivy. When he said this, he suddenly thought of something, looked at the ground and said in a trembling voice. Maybe these Jin Roh: The Wolf Brigade all escaped from the hut
Ivey’s words startled all the villagers present, and the atmosphere at the scene boiled up again in a flash.
Who the hell hit the cabin? Was it you? Beth Ivey stepped up to Beth and stared at her and asked.
Seeing Doloma, he left for Beth Leiter, saying that it wasn’t her. When we got there, those Jin Roh: The Wolf Brigade had fled, but his eyes fell on Ken’s face.
Ken’s head has never been raised in the square since now. He didn’t even have the courage to raise his head in front of these villagers. People still want www. Yao Duo sighed.
At this time, Dolo suddenly felt a murderous look. Suddenly, a black shadow came from behind and rushed from the crowd. Suddenly, a cold light flashed through his hand and took Dolo’s throat quickly. This was Dolo’s first reaction. Because it was so sudden, he couldn’t draw his sword.
Ken Beth Liyin actually rang with the black shadow. At this instant, Dolo saw Ken blink and stood in front of him. His chest blocked the horse and he was about to stab Dolo dagger.
Chapter 20 Silence courage
It seemed as if it had stopped at this moment, and the figure seemed to be frightened by the sudden rush to Ken. At this time, Beth Li had already jumped on Ken and burst into tears. At this moment, Dolo was shocked by everyone. I didn’t expect that in the end, the head was actually willing to rush to block the fatal blow.
What? What? He wanted to save me. While thinking about Dolo’s eyes, he moved to Ken’s body. He saw that his chest was in a hurry and blood was constantly rising and signs of life were slowly disappearing, but Dolo couldn’t care so much now because the enemy was right in front of him.
That is a masked man in a tight black dress with a pair of eyes full of murderous look. At this time, he has recovered from his surprise and quickly raised his dagger and stabbed Dolo. His target seems to be Dolo alone.
But because Ken Dolo has taken the opportunity to pull out the magic sword, the magic sword tilted forward and reluctantly played the dagger of the other side. But in this front, Dolo was surprised to find that this opponent is not simple, so it can be said that it is the leading killer in the mainland. Are those magic rabbits and beasts this man?
While thinking about it, Dolo shouted that everyone was scattered. This person is very dangerous. Don’t go near it. When you hear Dolo shouting, the villagers around you are scattered. Everyone knows Dolo’s strength and believes in what he said.
With Mafiny’s help, Beth Li also carried Ken aside. Because Ken was attacked by wolves, his body gradually became Jin Roh: The Wolf Brigade. Because of this, he just held the instantaneous explosive force to stop the fatal blow of the black dress person to Dolo. But now that his body is gradually changing, it is suspected that it will add more pain to him.
Hey, hey, hey, I really regret it. It was you, a stranger, who interfered with our plan. I should have killed you at that time. Looking at Dolo’s frown, the black man suddenly sneered and slowly drew another dagger from his waist.
The black dress person’s voice just fell in the crowd, but suddenly there was a sound. This sound was Iphuxiu’s eldest brother Doloma. He followed the sound source and saw Gurudi with an unbelievable face and pointed to the black dress person in the square.
At this time, many people in the crowd recognized the sound of the black dress person, and in an instant everyone talked about it. When they heard the commotion around them, the black dress person didn’t deny it. Instead, they took the initiative to untie the black cloth covering their faces and saw the sound of the guru flute, which became even more surprising. How did this happen? At that time, I saw it and saw that you were surrounded by those Jin Roh: The Wolf Brigade.
Ipxiu, what are you doing?
Yeah, what the hell is going on here?
See Ipsos face around the discussion is even more.
Hearing everyone’s voice, Ipsos gave a strange smile and said slowly, you don’t need to know this, because you will soon become dead, and he rushed to Dolo in a flash.
The thought flashed through Dolo’s mind quickly, and then he responded. He suddenly raised his arms to protect himself from the dagger attack, but at this time, Ipsos sounded in his ear. You are so naive swordsman.
According to Puxiu’s words, Dolo stepped back with a jerk in his heart, but he couldn’t come with a burst of pain. In an instant, the armor was in the joint position, and Dolo looked at his hands when he thought about the horse. He saw that both hands were injured, and the wounds were at the wrist and elbow, which made him even more surprised. The wounds were all black.
How can a killer kill a person without poison? Looking at Dolo’s expression, Epicurus sneered again. That poison won’t kill you. It will make you slowly paralyzed and lose your mobility. Don’t worry, I will let you watch me slowly kill everyone here before solving it. As you said, he glanced at the villagers around him coldly, but his eyes finally fell on the side of Beth Li and Ken.
You’re not delusional. After listening to Ipsos, Dolo drank a lot and then waved a magic sword. How can I let you hurt these villagers?
You can’t be the devil. You are too kind.
When I heard Dolo’s words, Ipxiu suddenly froze and then burst out laughing. Hahahaha, can you still fight with me now? Since that’s the case, I’ll give you a happy ending. Then he used his unusually quick posture to rush toward Dolo.
Seeing Iphuxiu coming towards himself, Dolo’s mouth was slightly raised, and his lips seemed to be fretting about something.
This smile can’t help but make you feel cold in your heart. Before he can react, a fire wall suddenly rises in front of his eyes. What makes you see this suddenly? You are a magic swordsman.